Collaborating with Mediahuis


In 2014, Bizbike started a long-term collaboration with several national newspapers published by Mediahuis in Belgium. In 2020, this cooperation will be extended to several (national) daily papers in the Netherlands: De Telegraaf, NRC and De Limburger. These newspapers each have their own webshops where Bizbike's Veloci bicycles are sold. 

Why did Mediahuis choose Bizbike?

Mediahuis likes to spoil their readers even more and at the same time respond to new trends such as mobility. In Bizbike, the media company found the partner to do something more for its readers. By choosing us, every reader gets the chance to buy a decent e-bike at an attractive price. The name of that e-bike? Veloci.  

Discover the convenience of an electric bicycle

In the month of June, Bizbike organises test days on location. Keep an eye on your newspaper to get more information about these test days. There is a team of specialists ready to advise, answer questions and assist with a test ride. Everyone is welcome to test Veloci bikes and experience its advantages in person. 

Satisfied readers and their e-bike

Many e-bike buyers live between 7-15 km from their work. Consequently, they can perfectly use an electric bicycle as an alternative to the car, public transport or an ordinary city bike. 

A large number of Mediahuis readers already fully agreed with this concept. In large cities in particular, e-bikes are more often spotted on the streets to avoid problems like emission zones or parking shortage. 

The price tag of the Veloci offered by Mediahuis is not excessive like some other electric bikes. And at Bizbike, high quality and full after-sales service is a certainty. In this way, Mediahuis strengthens the bond with the Veloci community and their readers.

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