Cycling towards a sustainable career policy


Bizbike has been in business for 5 years and we have grown into a beautiful and healthy company that is still growing. Our employees play a very important role in this process and we want to continue working on promoting their working conditions.


To this end, a project in which we conducted a satisfaction survey and held informal discussions was organised in February 2019. In the survey, our staff had its say. In short, further involvement of our employees will be optimised by developing an HR policy. Concretely, we want to:

1. Create more clarity about the functioning of the employees and how they contribute to our end results
2. Allow employees to make full use of their competencies.
3. Provide more clarity for employees about who the manager is. 

An action plan has been drawn up in order to complete our plans. Various points will be addressed within a period of 18 months. These points range from setting up a competency policy to working out an evolutionary cycle, as well as a growth and welcome policy. 

This project was therefore submitted to the European Social Fund, and it was accepted. In other words, we have received financial support from the ESF to help continue our HR project. 

In this way, the project can lead to more committed and motivated employees and an even better working environment.

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