Is your bike ready for winter?


Winter is quietly entering the country: days are getting shorter and temperature is dropping. But that doesn't mean you have to put your e-bike aside! With following  precautions, rain, snow and frost do not stand a chance on you and your bike!


1) Check your tyres

A good tread gives better grip. So inspect your tyres. Is the tyre nicely round or deformed? In the latter case, it is a good idea to order new tyres via the Support function on Even when you see cuts in the tyres, they need to be replaced.
In addition, the correct tyre pressure is important. In good weather conditions, the ideal tyre pressure is between 4.5 and 5 bar. On a slippery or snowy road, it is better to have less air in your tyres. This gives you more grip. Then the perfect tyre pressure is 4 bar. To measure tyre pressure, use a bicycle pump with a barometer.


2) Clean and lubricate your bike

If you cycle in snow, hail or rain, dirt sometimes gets stuck to your chain and other bicycle parts. Do not let it get caked on and remove it regularly. Your bike will benefit: a well-maintained bike has a longer lifespan and bolts more easily. You clean your bike easily with following objects


  • Old towel and sponge
  • Watering can or bucket
  • Degreaser
  • Hard brush
  • Chain oil


Do not use a high-pressure cleaner, it will destroy the bicycle! Do not pour excessive amounts of water over the bicycle either. It can withstand a rainstorm, but a flood will not do your bike any good! If you go through the next steps, your bike will shine like never before:

1. Rinse the dust and dirt off your bike with lukewarm water. This makes it easier to remove grease and oil.

2. Before you start cleaning your bike, the bike chain and chain guard deserve your attention: clean them both with a degreaser and a hard brush. Then rinse the chain with some (warm) water, dry it with an old rag and smear some chain oil on it. Do not use too much chain oil.

3. Now that your chain has been degreased, polish the frame of the bicycle. Use lukewarm water and some detergent. Start with the handlebars and work backwards. Don't forget the wheels and spokes!

4. Rinse the soap residue off the bike and dry your bike with a towel.

5. Also check if all bolts and nuts are still tight. If you apply lubricant such as Vaseline, they will rust less quickly.


To keep your bike functional, it is best to repeat this process every 500 km.


3) Check the lights and reflectors

Even in the dark, traffic remains on the road. A working front and rear light are incredibly important, especially in the winter months. At the front a white light is mandatory, at the back a red (flashing) light is allowed. Fluorescent strips or clothing are also worth considering: other road users will see you driving much better.


4) Charge your battery monthly

Just like the battery of your smartphone, the battery of your electric bike runs down faster when it's cold. So you don't get as far with a full battery in winter than in summer. So it is advisable to charge your battery regularly. Discharging your battery completely is never a good idea; it can seriously damage it.
It is best to charge indoors at room temperature. Even if you leave your bicycle in the stable for a longer period of time, it is important to charge the battery at least once a month.


Is your bike in need of maintenance or repair? Or would you like to order separate bicycle parts? Ask for an intervention or place an order via


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